Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Have you ever wondered how people live joyfully? How are there people who don’t just put on a happy face, but are genuinely happy—but not just happy--JOYFUL? How do they have a joyful life?

In the last five years I have felt a dramatic transformation in my life. I have felt more joy in my life, especially within the last two years, than I have ever felt. And the thing is, no event in my life has brought me joy. In fact, looking at the last five years, most things have stayed the same. I’m still in the same 8-5 job, my marital status is the same, I live in the same house.

And the things that have changed are those that you might think would bring sorrow, sadness. I’ve had two close friends pass away—young friends. I have family suffering from health issues, miscarriages, depression and heartache.

So what could it be? How in the world have I felt joy more in these last two years than before?

If there is one thing I could impart today, it’s this:

Joy is not found. Joy doesn’t just happen. Joy is created—by you.

I firmly believe that anyone can create joy. It’s a matter of choice. Decide to make that choice today.

I’m here to help. If there is something keeping you from choosing to live joyfully, I invite you to read the next blog. Follow along and subscribe. You may just hear the one thing you needed to start making the choice to live joyfully now.

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